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DIY Spring Wedding planning guide

Organising your own Spring garden wedding can be a beautiful and memorable experience. Here’s a detailed guide to help you get started, focusing on key elements to ensure a perfect day!

1. Venue Preparation

Garden Space
  • Maintenance: Ensure the garden is well-maintained. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges and ensure flower beds are blooming.
  • Layout: Plan the layout fot the ceremony and reception areas. Consider the flow of guests from the ceremony to the reception.
  • Pathways: Create clear pathways for guests to move comfortably, possibly adding stepping stones or a walkway runner.
Weather considerations
  • Contingency Plan: Have a tent or marquee ready in case of rain. Ensure it complements the garden setting.
  • Shading: Provide shaded areas if the day is sunny, using parasols or canopies.

2. Furniture Essentials

Trestle Tables and Folding Tables
  • Selection: Choose rustic or vintage trestle tables to complement the garden setting. Folding tables can be convenient for additional setup flexibility.
  • Decorations: Add simple centrepieces like wildflowers, candles, or lanterns. Use burlap or lace runners for a rustic touch.
Timber Benches
  • Comfort: Add cushions or throws to the benches for added comfort and style.
  • Placement: Arrange benches to create cozy seating areas that encourage conversation.
Clothes Racks
  • Sturdiness: Ensure clothes racks are sturdy enough to hold you wedding gown and other garments secuerly.
  • Accessibility: Place them in a convenient location for easy access.
Portable Full Length Mirror
  • Quantity: Have a couple of full-length mirrors for final touch-ups.
  • Placement: Position them in a well-lit are for optimal use.
Reclaimed trestle tables inside restaurant with plates, flowers and bottles on top of the table
Reclaimed trestle tables outside with wooden benches on the sides

3. Decor and Setup

  • Centerpieces: Use wildflowers, candles, or lanterns for a simple yet elegant look.
  • Runners: Consider burlap or lace runners for a rustic touch.
  • Deocrations: Add ribbons, floral arrangements, or personalised signs to each seat or place setting.
  • Types: Use string lights, fairy lights, or lanterns to create a magical ambiance.
  • Placement: Hang lights in trees, along pathways and around seating areas to enhance the garden’s natural beauty.

4. Additional Considerations

Sound System
  • Quality: Ensure you have a good sound system for music and speeches.
    Microphones: Wireless microphones can be very useful for mobilty and ease.
  • Easels: Use timber easels to display the seating arrangements.
    – Direction: Direct guests to various areas with blackboards or timber sigange.
Restroom facilites
  • Adequacy: If your garden lacks adequate restroom facilites, consider renting upscale portable restrooms.
  • Capacity: Ensure there’s ample parking for guests or arrange for transportation if needed

Ready to source your furniture?

Use this checklist to get quotes:

1. Trestle Tables and Folding Tables
  • Quantity needed
  • Dimensions and Style
  • Delivery and setup details
2. Benches or Chairs
  • Quantity needed
  • Style and comfort features
  • Decorations (If any)
3. Clothes Racks
  • Height and sturdiness
  • Additional hooks or hangers needed
4. Mirror
  • Size and portability
  • Placement in a suitable location
  • Size and portability
  • Placement in suitable locations
By organising these elements carefully and using folding tables, trestle tables, and clothes racks appropriately, you can create a beautiful and functional setup for your garden wedding. Remember to enjoy the process and cherish the special day!

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