Wooden Door Trestle Table

$ 850.00 (inc. GST)

Our rustic wooden door trestle table makes a spectacular addition to any shop, restaurant or special event!  With its unique colourings it will make a great feature item.

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Our rustic Wooden Door Trestle Table is given a 2nd chance. Saved from a fate destroyed in landfill, we have converted this beautiful door into your next table. As a result, not only will this become a real talking point with guests, but a statement on the importance of sustainability. This style looks equally attractive in the home or for your business.

Our Wooden Door Trestle Table top is made from a genuine rustic timber door, similar to our Red and Green Keyhole Table. Featuring original paint work, it comes filled with history and character. It is finished with commercial grade polyurethane. The folding legs are also made from reclaimed hardwood timber.  These trestle legs can be folded easily and the table can be stored when not in use.

Dress with plates, cutlery, glasses and decorations to make a stylish feature table for weddings, birthdays and any special occasion.

It isn’t difficult to style a trestle table for dining, however it is useful to use a step by step process. First choose your theme. Secondly pick a colour palette.  To finish, choose a centrepiece. It’s just that easy!

Seat 6 people at the table if using all 2 long sides and 6 chairs, or benches as seats.  Add 2 extra people by placing 2 chairs at table ends.

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