Folding tables

Working from home and home schooling

Working from home and home schooling on the kitchen bench? Whilst many of our customers connect with us for events and for the supply of furniture to hire we also sell folding tables which can be used as desks. Far more comfortable than a coffee table!

All our tables are suitable for office work as well home schooling or general homework. The flexibility of folding tables mean that they can be set up for when in use and easily stored when you want the space for family activities.  Squeeze in a desk during working hours and pack away when not in use. 

If you are only working from. home during Covid-19 restrictions there will be other uses for the desk once things go back to normal. For example, some of our tables are perfect for home entertaining. We have child sized furniture for infants, which can be used for schooling now, and later for craft or simply for playing.

Folding tables prices start from $70 inc GST for small ex hire folding tables/desks for 1 or 2 people.

Folding desk for working from home

Other table styles and sizes available.  See a range of tables and other items we consider useful for work and home schooling.

We can arrange contactless payment and delivery to a garage or similar. 

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