Timber Trestle Tables

Wooden trestle tables for HIRE, delivered directly to your venue in Sydney C.B.D and metro areas, Penrith, Central Coast and Wollongong.
Many of the trestle tables below are unique with only one table available for hire. These tables add a unique touch of style to weddings, pop-up shops, photo shoots and other events which require a single table.

For events where you need 2 or more matching tables choose from the following tables from our range:

  • Low Boho Tables – rustic and seats 6 – 8 people
  • Reclaimed Trestle Tables – rustic and seats 6- 8 people
  • Vintage Trestle Tables – narrow and great as buffet tables
  • Large Rustic Folding table – metal legs. Seats 8 – 10 people
  • Large Pine Trestle Tables  – wooden legs. Seats 8 – 10 people
  • Big Red Trestle Tables – colourful. Seats 6 – 8 people
  • Traditional Trestle Tables – Pine top. Also supplied as Boho. Seats 6 – 8 people
  • White Trestle Tables – Best used for display and sales.

Please scroll down to see our full range of timber  trestle tables for hire, and look out for the second page of tables.

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